List of Sessions 

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Duration of long and short paper presentations

S - Short Paper - 15 minutes including Q & A
L - Long Paper - 30 minutes including Q & A

S1 - Medical VR and Virtual Rehabilitation (Chair: Dr Frank Guan)

L1. Yun Zhou; James Bailey; Ioanna Ioannou; Sudanthi Wijewickrema; Stephan O’Leary; Gregor Kennedy
Pattern Based Real Time Feedback for a Temporal Bone Simulator

L2. Shahzad Rasool; Alexei Sourin; Pingjun Xia; Bin Weng; Fareed Kagda
Towards Hand-eye Coordination Training in Virtual Knee Arthroscopy

S3. Yurun Mao; Fei Hou; Shuai Li; Aimin Hao; Mingjing Ai; Hong Qin
Robust and High-fidelity Guidewire Simulation with Applications in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention System

S4. Xiyuan Hou; Olga Sourina
Emotion-enabled Haptic-based Serious Game for Post Stroke Rehabilitation

S5. Eray Molla; Ronan Boulic
A Two-Arm Coordination Model for Phantom Limb Pain Rehabilitation

S2 - Human Factors (Chair: Prof. Miriam Reiner)

L1. Vincent Weistroffer; Alexis Paljic; Lucile Callebert; Philippe Fuchs
A Methodology to Assess the Acceptability of Human-robot Collaboration Using Virtual Reality

L2. Dennis Wiebush; Jean-Luc Lugrin; Alexander Strehler; Marc Erich Latoschik
Towards Usability Benchmarks for VR Tracking Systems

L3. Rongkai Guo; Gayani Samaraweera; John Quarles
The Effects of VEs on Mobility Impaired Users: Presence, Gait, and Physiologic Response

S4. Jonathan Mercier-Ganady; Émilie Loup-Escande; Laurent George; Colomban Busson; Maud Marchal; Anatole Lécuyer
Can We Use a Brain-computer Interface and Manipulate a Mouse at the Same Time?

S5. Vivianette Ocasio-De Jesus; Andrew Kennedy; David Whittinghill
Impact of Graphical Fidelity on Physiological Responses in Virtual Environments

S3 - 3D Interaction (Chair: Dr. Patrick Bourdot)

L1. Naoki Sasaki; Hsiang-Ting Chen; Daisuke Sakamoto; Takeo Igarashi
Facetons: Face Primitives with Adaptive Bounds for Architecture Building in Virtual Environment

L2. Vitor Jorge; Anderson Maciel; Luciana Nedel; Jackson Oliveira
Interacting with Danger in an Immersive Environment: Issues on Cognitive Load and Risk Perception

S3. Denys J.C Matthies; Franz Müller; Christoph Anthes; Dieter Kranzlmüller
ShoeSoleSense: Proof of Concept for a Wearable Foot Interface for Virtual and Real Environments

S4. Jonathan Wonner; Jérôme Grosjean; Antonio Capobianco; Dominique Bechmann
Bubble Bee, an Alternative to Arrow for Pointing Out Directions

S4 - Navigation (Chair: Prof. Luciana Nedel)

L1. Steven Maesen; Patrik Goorts; Philippe Bekaert
Scalable Optical Tracking for Navigating Large Virtual Environments using Spatially Encoded Markers

S2. Weiya Chen; Anthony Plancoulaine; Nicolas Férey; Damien Touraine; Julien Nelson; Patrick Bourdot
6DoF Navigation in Virtual Worlds: Comparison of Joystick-based and Head-controlled Paradigms

S3. Florimond Guéniat; Julien Christophe; Yoren Gaffary; Adrien Girard; Mehdi Ammi
Tangible Windows for a Free Exploration of Wide 3D Virtual Environment

S4. Markus Zank; Thomas Nescher; Andreas Kunz
Robust Prediction of Auditory Step Feedback for Forward Walking

S5 - Avatars and Robots in TelePresence (Chair: Prof. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and Prof. Daniel Thalmann)

L1. Pierre Bourdin; Josep Maria Thomas Sanahuja; Carlota Crusafon Moya; Patrick Haggard; Mel Slater
Persuading People in a Remote Destination to Sing by Beaming There

L2. Yang Xiao; Junsong Yuan; Daniel Thalmann
Human-Virtual Human Interaction by Upper Body Gesture Understanding

L3. Arjun Nagendran; Remo Pillat; Adam Kavanaugh; Greg Welch; Charles Hughes
AMITIES: Avatar-mediated Interactive Training and Individualized Experience System

S4. Zerrin Yumak; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Multi-party Interaction with a Virtual Character and Human-like Robot

L5. Wee Ching Pang; Gerald Seet; Xiling Yao
A Multimodal Person-following System for Telepresence Applications

L6. Oyewole Oyekoya; William Steptoe; Anthony Steed; Tim Weyrich; Ran Stone; Benjamin Cohen; Laith Alkurdi; Stefan Klare; Angelika Peer
Supporting Interoperability and Presence Awareness in Collaborative Mixed Reality Environments

S7. Bernhard Spanlang; Xavier Navarro; Jean Marie Normand; Sameer Kishore; Rodrigo Pizarro Mel Slater
Real Time Whole Body Motion Mapping for Avatars and Robots

S6 - Simulation (Chair: Prof. Yiyu Cai)

L1. Nan Hu; Michael Lees; Suiping Zhou
A Pattern-based Modeling Framework for Simulating Human-like Pedestrian Steering Behaviors

S2. Yuichiro Takeuchi
"Parallel" Cities

S7 - Rendering (Chair: Dr. Zerrin Yumak)

L1. Niels Nijdam; Yvain Tisserand; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Refurbish a Single User 3D Application into a Multi-user Distributed Service - A Case Study

L2. Yuqi Li; Qingshu Yuan; Dongming Lu
Perceptual Radiometric Compensation for Inter-reflection in Immersive Projection Environment

S3. Nixiang Jia; Dening Luo; Yanci Zhang
Distorted Shadow Mapping

S4. François Lehericey; Valérie Gouranton; Bruno Arnaldi
New Iterative Ray-Traced Collision Detection Algorithm for GPU Architectures

S5. Dmitry Rudoy; Lihi Zelnik-Manor
Video Inlays: A System for User-friendly Matchmove

S8 - VR Display Technologies (Chair: Prof. Mel Slater)

L1.Cyprien Pindat; Emmanuel Pietriga; Olivier Chapuis; Claude Puech
Drilling into Complex 3D Models with Gimlenses

L2. Srikanth Kirshnamachari Sridharan; Juan David Hincapié-Ramos; David Flatla; Pourang Irani
Color Correction for Optical See-through Displays Using Display Color Profiles

L3. Jürgen Grüninger; Jens Krüger
The Impact of Display Bezels on Stereoscopic Vision for Tiled Displays

L4. Tao Yan; Zhe Huang; Rynson Lau; Yun Xu
Seamless Stitching of Stereo Images for Generating an Infinite Panorama

S5. Daniel Pohl; Greg Johnson; Timo Bolkart
Improved Pre-warping for Wide Angle, Head Mounted Displays

S6. David Zielinski; Regis Kopper; Ryan McMahan; Wenjie Lu; Silvia Ferrari
Intercept Tags: Enhancing Intercept-based Systems