Message from the Organizer 
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Lien International Conference on “Good Governance 2017: Forging Ahead Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Globalization,” to be held in Singapore from 27 October to 28 October 2017. Jointly organized with the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), this year’s conference aims to engage leading international policymakers, academics, and practitioners to come together on a common platform to exchange thought processes on governance matters and policies that promote just and universal outcomes. Comparisons and insights on the conference themes will also be drawn from different socio-political/cultural contexts, both globally and locally.   

The 2015 Lien Conference on Good Governance attracted over 200 international participants to share their insights on good governance. The two-day conference provided a stimulating setting to engage a diverse group of scholars and practitioners on the latest research and development in governance to deal with challenges arising from worldwide austerity. Faced with increasing uncertainties in the social, economic, and political environment amidst hardening anti-globalization rhetoric, we have decided to continue our analyses and discussions on good governance, particularly on achieving an inclusive globalization through policy formulations  and multi-layered engagements.   

This year’s conference will explore 10 sub-themes: Governance and Anti-Corruption Strategies; Migration and Social Integration; Economic and Financial Management; Foreign Direct Investments; Infrastructure and Developments; Knowledge Transfer and Management; Brain Circulation and Global Talent Strategies; Innovation and Economics Restructuring; “One Belt One Road” Initiative; and Philanthropy and Social Innovation.

On behalf of NCPA, we welcome your proposals, presentations, and participation in the conference. With your support and collaboration, we are confident that we will have meaningful exchanges of ideas to construct a better form of globalization.


We look forward to your participation and welcoming you to Singapore this October!


Hong LIU (Professor)
Conference Organizing Committee Chair

Tan Kah Kee Endowed Professor of Asian Studies

Director, Nanyang Centre for Public Administration

Chair, School of Social Sciences

Nanyang Technological University