NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2017:

In 2017, the Teaching, Learning & Pedagogy Division (TLPD) at NTU will kick of its first NTU Learning and Teaching Week. This event will feature various learning and teaching session throughout the university for all to participate and engage in.

The aim of NTU Learning and Teaching Week is to promote and showcase quality teaching and pedagogical practices that are in line with the university’s education goals and initiatives. In addition, the events organized around this week are intended to developing a platform for collaboration in teaching practices, the scholarship of teaching and Learning (SOTL) and bring about greater conversation together with the community in higher education.

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NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2017: The NTU Student Environment

For this year, a fitting theme to address is ‘The NTU Student Learning Environment. Throughout the week, we will look at the various roles departments and stakeholders play, and how they all fit and work together as part of the learning and teaching environment within and beyond the institution. Key points of interaction and engagement among stakeholders will also be identified and discussed on how quality education for the future can be better attained.

At this year’s conference, distinguished speakers will be invited to share with us on the following:

  • Developing the collaborative: Blending technology, pedagogy and content expertise

  • Collaborative education strategies and capacity building and quality enhancement of higher education learning and teaching

  • Integrative approaches and practices by faculty that drives collaborative efforts in quality education.

Who should attend?

This seminar is intended for a stakeholders in higher education including facilitators, educators and academics from educational institutions. Students who are keen to develop their learning experience or interested in a career of education are also encouraged to attend.

Come and join us if you would like to:

  • Explore developments in higher education learning and teaching
  • Meet and interact with fellow professionals and students keen in education and educational research
  • Engage in higher education’s best practices in learning and teaching
  • Participate in a growing community of teaching and learning practitioners


Our distinguished keynote speakers this year:

Professor Kerri-Lee Krause

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

Victoria University


Professor Lim Cher Ping

Chair Professor of Learning Technologies and Innovation

The Education University
of Hong Kong


Dr Eva Wong

Director, Centre for Holistic
Teaching and Learning

Hong Kong Baptist University


Dr Benjamin Cleveland

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

University of Melbourne