About the Seminar

NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

The NTU Student Learning Environment

27 Feb 2017, Monday


The NTU Learning and Teaching Week 2017, from 27 Feb – 3 Mar will feature ‘The NTU Student Learning Environment’ as its theme this year. Throughout the week, participants will have opportunities to look at how key roles are carried out by departments and stakeholders as they come together to create a conducive and enriching learning and teaching environment in higher education. Key points of interaction and engagement such as faculty roles, learner’s behaviour, and the physical environment will also be discussed and how quality education for the future can be achieved.

Through this event, we aim to provide a platform for educators and various groups to come together to explore new and meaningful opportunities to create a conducive and effective culture of learning and teaching in Singapore.

    Event Highlights this Year:

    • Presentations by learning and teaching experts at our annual conference

    • Exhibition and showcase of Learning and Teaching initiatives carried out at NTU

    • Workshop sessions by our distinguished speakers

    • NTU faculty sharing sessions